Welcome to the KX Azure Billing Portal. Thank you for subscribing to a KX License Commitment for kdb Insights Enterprise on Azure Marketplace.

You now need to Activate your subscription before it can be billable.

As a Private Preview Customer who already has an active kdb Insights Enterprise deployment that you would like to be billed through Azure, you can link your deployment to your newly Activated Commitment. This Portal can be used for tracking your deployments and your License Commitments with KX. Please note that the email address you used to subscribe to your Private Plan will also be used to manage your Commitment in this Portal.

To Activate your License Commitment:
  • Search for resources of type Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Search for your offer
  • Click Create to subscribe to the offer
  • Click Configure Account after the subscription created. You will be redirected to this portal.
  • Click Activate
  • Navigate to Deployments page
  • Click Action -> Change Mapping on the desired Deployment
  • Select the desired KX license for the Deployment